Is heartbreak a great deal? 

All of us have undergone a heart break once at a point of time in life… It’s okay to cry and become stronger, don’t give up on life yet, you move on, life goes on with or without him, you are stronger than you think, yes things are going to be tough without him but yes u can survive 

If someone loves you, they’ll deal with all the mess you make, no matter what you do!! 
Move on, keep yourself busy with something else, you may feel like a part of you has gone missing but believe me, if he really wanted to stay, he would have, come what may… Sometimes, you might feel like you should ring him up, but no! You cannot write a new chapter if you keep reading the old one… 

Maybe you are the worst at letting go, but forgive, forget and let go
Wholeheartedly accept the fact that you are on your own now and you will be happy with your own company, enjoy your life, no matter what happens, not all people are meant to stay forever 

Move on!!!! New life and experiences await you!!!!

Lots of love 



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