Being beautiful 

It is so wonderful to be complemented at parties and other social gatherings for looking beautiful. It’s simply marvelous to be the center of attraction of the croud in your red stillets and shimmering black dress…a little more lipshade and mascara for some ladies but for some, the eye liner does the job…. Well, you may have all the make up and pretty dresses but without the smile, you loose your game. 

Smile and you shall make a person forget his worries for a minute and be glad for the smile u shared
Being beautiful does not always have to be about looks, you gotta have a good heart too… The smile of a poor lady feeding a stray is much more pleasant and heartwarming than a smile of a lady posing for her Photoshoot. Beauty is an attribute of God… Everyone is their own kind of beautiful….. Just have faith and confidence in yourself 

Be a confident person, stand tall in all situations, rise and prosper
Confidence in yourself is something very important… If you love yourself and know that you are beautiful nobody can bring you down!!! Be bold, stand up for yourself, and face every situation….. 

TODAY’S MESSAGE :Be yourself, everyone is their own kind of beautiful, don’t forget to spread your  smile and have confidence within you

Hope you love reading this beautiful!!!! #daily




8 thoughts on “Being beautiful 

  1. Wow, I love this message, loving oneself, being confident and smiling are the most effective factors that bring out one’ s beauty, better still ,we are all beautiful and all we need is to let our beauty to speak out with our actions.

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