, Mumbai vibes 

I was born in Gujarat and raised in Mumbai. Ever since I was five, I stayed at a boarding school, completed my schooling, and then moved out to another hostel with less restrictions… So I got to travel around in Mumbai and discover places. Since I’m fond of fine dining, I decided to try out various famous  restaurants in Mumbai. Food is an amazing journey… It binds people, bonds get stronger in restraunts… 

Cafe coffee day, Haji Ali 

This beautiful interior design generates positive vibe and a soothing atmosphere

This amazing garlic bread is my usual breakfast at ccd

This crunchy Frappe in the morning is pure bliss! Simply makes your day!

You are quite lucky if you have a cafe coffee day in your vicinity,its a blessing. Mornings which start with cafe coffee day are usually the best mornings for me.. The place makes me feel warm and comfortable.. The Haji Ali branch of Ccd is bigger in size than the rest of the ccds and its interior is absolutely amazing! It has an open smoking room connected with it too. The baristas are friendly and they know me by now… This place feels like home away from home! 

Papacream, churchgate 

This is the delightful bubblegum flavored ice cream with a marshmallow and cotton candy topping! Beautiful 😍

Papacream is perfect for a delightful ice cream after a scrumptious meal… This is the Papacream branch of churchgate. Papacream is famous for its nitrogen ice creams and their delightful and quirky flavors which would make your Buds jump with joy! The interior is breathtaking and the walls of the stairs have beautiful messages… What a perfect sight! 

This is the beautiful interior of Papacream, India indeed a breathtaking sight!

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