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  • Hey guys… This is my first post and it’s like a dream come true.. I always wanted to blog so I finally resolved to taking my plan into action! Hope yall enjoy my posts!!!Don’t forget, do what you love and love what you do!!!!! 
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Discover yourself, you’ll find that you are more capable than you think!

What do you name your God?

What do you name your God?What reward does he give you for your prayers that he doesn’t give to us? does the sun shine more brightly on you or do your crops have more rain?

When you die,will God you for your sins in the tongue of your holy book or the tongue of your neighbor’s scriptures? will he put you in the same hell for the sinful murderers and theives because you celebrate with wine on your table or that meat cooks over the firewood in your home? Or will you have to answer why you skipped mass and went to the mosques instead. What do you name your God? What blessings does he give you that he doesn’t give to us?

Does your mother weep tears of gold when you’re in pain,or does your heart beat faster than that of the rest of the men? Will you be rewarded for your humanity or will you be rewarded for the prayers? Would you feed the poor or the ego of the saint who taught you that your God was different from that of your neighbor’s. What do you name your God?what superior preference does he give to your religion that he doesn’t give to us? Does he bless you with more of affection and feelings or does he answer your heartfelt prayers any different?

I posted this today since it’s Eid-al-adha , khordad Saal, and the Ganpati festival 💜💕 just letting you all know the beauty of each faith!

Stay blessed 💫

The loss of what we love

Such beings are we,we get so attached to the things and people we love that we loose a part of ourselves on loosing them.
The most dangerous person is the one who’s most prized possession has been taken away from him,he’s been put down for it and he refuses to give up ….he looses his innocence and a part of his kindness along with loosing something he loved ….he craves that justice from the world which has been way too cruel to him,he wants to make those who have wronged him feel what he has been through,he decides to take justice in his own hands, nothing,I repeat NOTHING is more dangerous than such a person and whoever comes in his way shall incur his wrath.
Animosity takes over his once innocent heart ,he fiercely guards what is left of his attachments and rips anyone coming close to it ,his eyes widen with fear at the very thought of the loss of the only things he has left.
Yet this horrible transition gives him a feeling of solidarity ,towards a person like himself ,he takes pity on the part of innocence still left in someone who’s suffering from his pain and is crying tears of helplessness.
The more cruelty and society puts him down,the more he rises,if you take everything that he has ,you have unlocked a monster -a man without the fear of anything and the undying ambition of revenge and intense craving for the feeling of satisfaction on attaining justice….
Try not to scorn him,he’s what is environment and experience moulded him into,try not to blame him,he’s what loss of faith made him into, try not to mis-understand him, HE’S what you could turn into.

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Is heartbreak a great deal? 

All of us have undergone a heart break once at a point of time in life… It’s okay to cry and become stronger, don’t give up on life yet, you move on, life goes on with or without him, you are stronger than you think, yes things are going to be tough without him but yes u can survive 

If someone loves you, they’ll deal with all the mess you make, no matter what you do!! 
Move on, keep yourself busy with something else, you may feel like a part of you has gone missing but believe me, if he really wanted to stay, he would have, come what may… Sometimes, you might feel like you should ring him up, but no! You cannot write a new chapter if you keep reading the old one… 

Maybe you are the worst at letting go, but forgive, forget and let go
Wholeheartedly accept the fact that you are on your own now and you will be happy with your own company, enjoy your life, no matter what happens, not all people are meant to stay forever 

Move on!!!! New life and experiences await you!!!!

Lots of love 


Being beautiful 

It is so wonderful to be complemented at parties and other social gatherings for looking beautiful. It’s simply marvelous to be the center of attraction of the croud in your red stillets and shimmering black dress…a little more lipshade and mascara for some ladies but for some, the eye liner does the job…. Well, you may have all the make up and pretty dresses but without the smile, you loose your game. 

Smile and you shall make a person forget his worries for a minute and be glad for the smile u shared
Being beautiful does not always have to be about looks, you gotta have a good heart too… The smile of a poor lady feeding a stray is much more pleasant and heartwarming than a smile of a lady posing for her Photoshoot. Beauty is an attribute of God… Everyone is their own kind of beautiful….. Just have faith and confidence in yourself 

Be a confident person, stand tall in all situations, rise and prosper
Confidence in yourself is something very important… If you love yourself and know that you are beautiful nobody can bring you down!!! Be bold, stand up for yourself, and face every situation….. 

TODAY’S MESSAGE :Be yourself, everyone is their own kind of beautiful, don’t forget to spread your  smile and have confidence within you

Hope you love reading this beautiful!!!! #daily



, Mumbai vibes 

I was born in Gujarat and raised in Mumbai. Ever since I was five, I stayed at a boarding school, completed my schooling, and then moved out to another hostel with less restrictions… So I got to travel around in Mumbai and discover places. Since I’m fond of fine dining, I decided to try out various famous  restaurants in Mumbai. Food is an amazing journey… It binds people, bonds get stronger in restraunts… 

Cafe coffee day, Haji Ali 

This beautiful interior design generates positive vibe and a soothing atmosphere

This amazing garlic bread is my usual breakfast at ccd

This crunchy Frappe in the morning is pure bliss! Simply makes your day!

You are quite lucky if you have a cafe coffee day in your vicinity,its a blessing. Mornings which start with cafe coffee day are usually the best mornings for me.. The place makes me feel warm and comfortable.. The Haji Ali branch of Ccd is bigger in size than the rest of the ccds and its interior is absolutely amazing! It has an open smoking room connected with it too. The baristas are friendly and they know me by now… This place feels like home away from home! 

Papacream, churchgate 

This is the delightful bubblegum flavored ice cream with a marshmallow and cotton candy topping! Beautiful 😍

Papacream is perfect for a delightful ice cream after a scrumptious meal… This is the Papacream branch of churchgate. Papacream is famous for its nitrogen ice creams and their delightful and quirky flavors which would make your Buds jump with joy! The interior is breathtaking and the walls of the stairs have beautiful messages… What a perfect sight! 

This is the beautiful interior of Papacream, India indeed a breathtaking sight!